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As a twelve-year-old boy, he earned more than $ 160,000 in ETH on the NFT in one day

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The NFT collection is Weird Whales and that child is Benyamin Ahmed. He lives in the suburbs of London, Pinner.

As a boy he earned more than $ 160,000 on the NFT

“I was interested in the NFT sector because I originally thought it was great as an online flex,” said Ahmed. Only later, after creating “respect” for the digital first art style of popular NFT collections such as CryptoPunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club, did he decide to code his own collection.

For the uninitiated: NFT is a type of token that can be attached to files on the Internet and sold as proof of ownership. They have been here for years, but only in the last six months have they gained recognition; in March, $ 69 million in NFT sales from digital artist Beeple hit the front pages of the Wall Street Journal.

As with CryptoPunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club, each Weird Whale comes with a number of different “peculiarities,” some rarer and more valuable than others. The 1250th image in the collection, which ranks as the eighth rarest of the 3350 NFT Weird Whale NFT, recently sold on the secondary market for approximately $ 6,000.

As a twelve-year-old boy, he earned more than $ 160,000 in ETH on the NFT in one day

Ahmed’s father, Imran, works as a web developer for the London Stock Exchange Group; at the age of 5 or 6 he introduced HTML and CSS to Benyamin and his brother. Recently, the siblings improved their skills on an online coding platform called Codewars.

Weird whales began when one of the developers behind another NFT alliterative project, Boring Bananas, sent him an annotated Python script with a template for creating his own tiered images.

His father guided him through the process of involving his own assets: “I told him, ‘Look, here you have to replace the names of the variables, so where they have bananas and backgrounds and things, you have to replace them with yours. “

Thanks to a clever connection with the Boring Bananas team, Weird Whales became viral and Ahmed earned 80 ETH in about nine hours. “I also made some royalties on OpenSea,” he added. “Whenever someone buys a whale, I get 2.5% of the amount it was sold for.”

It’s hard to imagine that a traditional financial system – with its annoying guarantees and consumer protection laws – would allow $ 160,000 to simply fall into Ahmed’s lap without a parent or legal guardian.

But Ahmed insists he is not interested in spending money any time soon.

“[Will] probably just HODL, ”he said

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