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Axie Infinity (AXS) Price and Volume Hit All-Time High

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Axie Infinity (AXS) has reached a new all-time high of $49.20, as NFT sales hit a record all-time high in volume.

Axie Infinity continues to soar to new heights as the project’s token AXS, recently hit $49.20. The NFT project has seen its price surge from $3.50 up to its recent high, all within one month.

The surge in price saw AXS climb 1,331% within 30 days. The latest surge in price now sees AXS climb into the top 50 projects by market capitalization. AXS currently has a market cap of $2.3 Billion, ranking it as the 46 project by market cap.  

Axie Infinity (AXS) Price and Volume Hit All-Time High
Source: Tradingview

NFT sales record being broken

While Axie Infinity has seen tremendous growth within the NFT space, the sales statistics prove that the project is continuing to see rapid growth. Not only did the project hit a new all-time high over the weekend, but it also became the number one project by all-time volume. In a Tweet to the community, Axie Infinity stated, “Axie is the #1 NFT project by all time volume! Congrats everyone! This is just the start of our incredible nation.”

According to DappRadar, AXS has managed over $571 million in volume over the last thirty days. More than double the second place NFT marketplace of OpenSea. In the last twenty-four hours alone, AXS has managed $26.96 million in trading volume, with OpenSea managing a third of that with only $8.69 million. 

Axie Infinity (AXS) Price and Volume Hit All-Time High
Source: DappRadar

AXS just keeps smashing records 

AXS has become one of the biggest NFT projects by popularity in 2021. Boasting over 250,000 players daily, the game involves players raising their own digital pets to battle and trade creatures called Axies. Similarly to other NFT projects like CryptoPunks, rarity plays a role in the NFT marketplace for Axies. 

The rise in popularity for these digital pets is evident in recent sales. DappRadar reports that within the last thirty days, out of the top fifteen NFT sales, four of them were Axies. Falling only behind CryptoPunks, which featured five NFTs sold in the last week. The top-selling Axie within the last month sold for an impressive 369 ETH, or $819,660. 

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