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Axie Infinity – the return of AXS rewards for the best positioned players

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The developers of Axie Infinity implemented this Thursday, the return of rewards for the best positioned players in their world ranking.

The first season with “Play To Earn” features of Axie Infinity Origin will run for 29 days, starting this Thursday June 30th and ending on July 28th.

To earn rewards in AXS (Game Governance Token), users must be in the top 10,000 players in the world rankings at the end of the season.

Decreased reward distribution (AXS)

The distribution of Axie Infinity Origin Season 1 rewards, decreased the number of AXS tokens by 62%, compared to Season 21 of the previous version of the game, where more than 130 thousand tokens were distribute.

This time, a total of 49,157 tokens will be delivered.

The number of players who will receive AXS as a reward at the end of the season has also been reduced from 300,000 to just 10,000.

However, the game’s developers have reported that they hope to increase the amount of AXS to be distributed, after optimizing the gameplay and effectively balancing the entire competition system.

Game improvements and bug fixes

The developers of Axie Infinity also announced some improvements made to the game and bug fixes to ensure a better user experience.

Among the improvements and fixes made in the game stand out:

  1. The rank, rune and enchantments will be reset to ensure a balanced progression of new players.
  2. The balance and adjustment of cards, runes, charms and the insertion of new effects or abilities in each Axie, aiming at a better gaming experience.
  3. Fixed an issue that caused cards to be played twice when disconnected.
  4. The “Update” button now successfully downloads the latest version of the game.

With the new updates and the inclusion of rewards in the new version of the game, Axie Infinity hopes to capture the attention of new users and retain the more than 600,000 currently active players.

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