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Bitcoin whale Joe007: I’ve finished with selling

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Bitcoin whale Joe007: I've finished with selling

Bitcoin whale Joe007 on Twitter said he decided not to sell anymore.


Joe007 is the most profitable Bitfinex trader. At the last drop he made $ 20 million in a few minutes and CEO Bitfinex himself congratulated him on the excellent results.


Bitcoin Whale: I won’t sell anymore


Two weeks ago, Joe warned that the market was full of money that was not backed by real capital. It is said to be the result of using too much lever. There is a lack of fiat on the market.


Since his warning Bitcoin has fallen from $ 10,150 to $ 8593.


When asked if he would stop selling, Joe replied:


“Well, you should have asked me when I was actually dumping. But I guess you were too busy buying the FOMO.”



He also commented on the BTC:


“I am a bull in the long run, because Bitcoin will bring a big change to the technology around finance. I’m sure we’ll see a higher price in the future. But probably not as soon as most people would have imagined. Two to three years delay in the way to ATH is not such a problem, is it? ”

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