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Bored Ape 232 is the first to be sold for 1,000 ETH

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Bored Ape #232 it is the first in the collection’s history to sell for over 1,000 ETH. More specifically, NFT sold for 1,080.69 ETH on the LookRare website on Sunday night.

At the time of sale, 1,080.69 ETH was worth just over $2.8 million, making NFT the second most expensive in the collection, in dollars. The most expensive was Bored Ape #3749, purchased by The Sandbox in September for $2.9 million.

The high selling price can be attributed to the scarcity of the token. Unlike most Bored Apes, #232 has golden skin. This feature places the golden monkey among the “Rarest NFTs” in the collection – that is, the rarest.

According to LookRare, the buyer of the NFT is Deepak Thapliyal, CEO of blockchain framework company THE address associated with it contains around 392 ETH as well as $286 million worth of other tokens.

The fever continues

Although the cryptocurrency market is in a downturn, the NFT craze is higher than ever. This week’s purchase set a new record: it is the first time a Bored Ape has sold for more than 1,000 ETH.

Over the weekend, the floor price of the collection reached 100 ETH, breaking yet another record. Since then, this price has evolved to 116.9 ETH, or around $295 in current values.

Above all, NFTs have received increasing attention from celebrities. The last was Canadian pop icon Justin Bieber, who paid $1.8 million in Bored Ape #3001. In this way, the monkeys eventually gained “celebrity club” status, with the likes of Stephen Curry, Eminem, Paris Hilton, and Jimmy Fallon.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club, the collection’s official name, emerged in April 2021 as a collection of 10,000 monkeys bred on ETH. Anyone could buy a copy for 0.08 ETH, which was worth about $200.

Since then, the bored APE Yacht Club has spawned a thriving community of collectors and fans, earning it status as the premier collection of NFTs. And of course, it brought explosive income for those who acquired it right at launch.

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