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BTC can go crazy for $ 200,000, Bobby Lee predicts

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The founder of the BTCC crypto exchange and at the same time one of the first big BTC investors, Bobby Lee, is convinced that the BTC bullrun is not over and the most famous cryptocurrency is undone to create new historical price highs. According to him, these can easily cost up to $ 200,000 for one BTC.

Bobby Lee he spoke about BTC in an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday, in which he set aside all assumptions that BTC was in trouble. He did not perceive the last weakening of 5% after the latest Chinese FUD at all tragically. He subsequently stated that BTC would not only be very likely to call its current ATH ($ 64,000), but would very likely beat it significantly.

“I think it can easily get over 100,000 and then, depending on how” sharp “the whole rally will be, it will probably touch $ 200,000 or even exceed this limit.” said.

“Overcoming $ 200,000 will, of course, be a big milestone, so there will be a lot of media interest around BTC, and that will lead to what is called FOMO – the fear of a missed opportunity. This usually happens every few years and I think the FOMO rally at BTC has been hanging in the air for some time. ”

Bread can be broken in October

September is usually unfavorable for stock markets as well as BTC. However, October has always been extremely positive during previous BTC bullruns. Once again, it is possible that news will appear in October that could significantly affect BTC.

In the USA, the topic will be addressed intensively again Infrastructure Bill, a law that contains several problem points for cryptocurrencies. Negative news in connection with this legislation could also affect the mood in connection with BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

It is undoubtedly necessary to include i in the category of possible negative effects situation on the stock markets. If stocks thrive (especially if they are held by the Fed, the ECB and other central banks), BTC has its doors open upwards. On the contrary, the opposite situation can seriously harm him.

We could also look forward to the approval of the real one in October BTC ETF the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This could trigger a new euphoric wave in the cryptocurrency market, as the SEC has so far rejected all BTC ETF applications.

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