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BTC hashrate is growing again at a record pace and other news [overview]

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BTC after a long time go into consolidation. Nevertheless, BTC hashrate continues to grow and it looks like the minerals are returning to BTC mining. According to Moody’s in Salvador, BTC has no future. And much more in today’s news.

BTC hashrate is growing

After a large decline in the hashrate caused by the mine in China, the miners are returning to mining. Even large farms and small entrepreneurs. The current value of network power is 107 TH / s. From the full day two weeks ago, it’s about 25% increase. However, compared to the peak, network performance still lags enormously.

Bitcoin hashrate network performance
BTC hashrate network performance

BTC, according to Moody’s in El Salvador, has no future

Moody’s lowered El Salvador’s rating. The rating was downgraded from B3 to Caa1. The current outlook for the future is negative. The Agency relies mainly on reducing the quality of policy and increasing tensions with international partners. Behind everything is allegedly the acceptance of BTC as a legal currency that the government has even recommended for its citizens to use. According to the agency, this is a bad move that does not address the real needs of citizens and rather increases tensions between the people in the state and political partners.

Analysts predict 5-month growth in BTC

Analysts say BTC is preparing for a return that should lead it to repetition of the classic bull years of 2013 and 2017. After reaching a high of $ 42,600 on July 31, market forecasts are turning back to bullish “supercycle“. BTC’s price action instead of a serious drop maintained its profits, which at the time of writing accounted for 23% per week.

“After a disturbing three months of news and price falls, it continued BTC in five green moon candles in a row. It increased approximately 10-fold in the second half of 2013, “ said Jeff Ross, founder and CEO of Vailshire Capital.

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Mastercard has high goals in the cryptographic industry

Mastercard has very high goals in the crypto industry. The company’s goal is to become a major partner of global governments and private entities in testing, developing and introducing digital currencies into central bank systems.

Michael Miebach, the company’s CEO himself, came up with this interesting report. In an interview with the company’s financial results, he said that his company could become a key element in introducing cryptocurrencies into banking systems and international transactions.

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