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Get free 500 satoshi: “BTC torch” initiative launched to support Lightning Network

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Yesterday, Swiss businessman Luca Ambrosini launched the initiative. The initiative was launched on LinkedIn and aims to promote the use of the Lightning Network.

Ambrosini decided to send 500 satoshi (0.000005 BTC) to anyone who downloads BlueWallet, creates a wallet with Lightning Network, and creates an “invoice” to receive 500 satoshi. Simply send the generated receipt to Ambrosini, who will immediately send 500 satoshi to the LN address indicated on the invoice.

He explains the reason for this initiative as follows:

“I want to prove to a friend that BTC also works for micro transactions.”

500 satoshi for free: an initiative has been launched to support the Lightning Network"Bitcoin torch"

Lars Schlichting immediately joined the initiative, sharing the confirmation he generated with Ambrosini, adding:

“It simply came to our notice then. Luca Ambrosini is a very smart person who knows the potential of BTC and that every new person who adopts it is one step closer to a world with a decentralized, economical, fast and ecological (yes, BTC can help save energy!) Payment system. “

At this point, it became a new “BTC torch”, ie. passing satoshi from one user to another:

“Lars Schlichting, thank you very much. Sure, it will be enough. Let’s pass the torch on! It really works! ”

It is not the first initiative of this type

Initiatives like this have taken place in the past, but when LN was still underused and there were still few compatible wallets.

Now LN has become more widespread and there are many wallets that can be used with it. In fact, it is not necessary to use a wallet designed by Ambrosini, as there are several that are now compatible with LN.

This new initiative has the potential to reach a much wider audience than similar ones in the past, and in some parts of the world, LN wallets are used even more than traditional ones that record BTC transactions on a blockchain.

In January last year, a similar initiative was launched on Twitter and involved several hundred people. Time would now be ripe for a few thousand instead of a few hundred.

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