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BTC Year In Review 2021: The Fourth Quarter

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In the fourth quarter of this year, BTC is not only setting a new all-time high, but is also gaining momentum for the next year. The fourth part of the annual review.

Quarter number 4 was a rather mixed one for the BTC bulls. The crypto currency No. 1 reached its preliminary all-time high on November 10th at USD 69,000.

But even the last quarter of this year had a lot of explosive in store. The fourth quarter at a glance.

Justice auction: North Rhine-Westphalia to auction confiscated BTC

It was previously only known from the USA: Bitcoins confiscated in criminal proceedings were auctioned for the first time in Germany this year. More precisely, the North Rhine-Westphalian law enforcement authorities auctioned BTC for the equivalent of an eight-figure sum. Contrary to all intuition, the coins, which were offered in different denominations, went under the hammer above the market price at the time.

This BTC (auction number # 147503) For example, the highest bidder was worth 57,010 euros – even though the market price at the time was only 50,800 USD.

First BTC ETF launched in the USA

It wasn’t the big hit yet, but at least: With that ProShares BTC Strategy ETF the first exchange-traded index fund related to BTC was launched in the USA – and promptly wrote stock market history. With just under $ 1 billion in trading volume, it was the most successful first day in the history of the New York Stock Exchange.

By the way: In our news ticker you will find the latest information on the subject of BTC ETF.

USA now largest BTC mining nation in the world

The mining exodus from east to west is complete. As from data of the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance shows, the US contributes the largest part of the global BTC hashrate with 35 percent. The Chinese share, on the other hand, is currently zero, according to official figures.

BTC Year In Review 2021: The Fourth Quarter

The US is thus filling the power vacuum created by China in terms of BTC within a few months.

Mastercard wants to integrate BTC

The plastic card manufacturer Mastercard is jumping on the crypto train. As it became known on October 26th, the payment service provider wants to enable payments in BTC and Co. and install a crypto-based reward system.

However, it is not yet known when the time will come. You can find more information in our podcast edition on the subject.

But so do the savings banks

But that’s not all of the crypto integration. Also the German Savings Banks and Giro Association plans to do the same. A crypto wallet is already in the making, and the first pilot projects could start as early as next year. That would be a bang. After all, the savings banks are still the credit institutions with the most customers in the country. In this way, several million customers could be integrated into the crypto ecosystem in one fell swoop.

By the way: If you are disappointed with the almost certainly believed 100,000 USD per BTC, you should take a look at the Yearly candles throw.

BTC Year In Review 2021: The Fourth Quarter

Because even in 2021, the crypto currency No. 1 can post a price gain of 65 percent. And so we look to the year 2022 with optimism.

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