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Buying Reliable Lab Incubators – What to Consider

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Analog and digital dry bath incubators are used in various types of clinical applications such as micro-organism cultivation, tissue culture, and genetic engineering. They are useful for coagulation studies, restriction digests, COD denaturing DNA, Hot Start PCR, BUN, melting sugar and in situ hybridization. There are certain points which must be considered before buying lab incubators.

Types of Incubators

There are different types of analog and digital incubators available in the market, which not only vary in terms of specifications and features but also in terms of models and sizes. Evaluate the product carefully before purchase to learn whether they will satisfy your use or not.

Analog incubators are available with 2-block and 4-block capacity and are supplied with block extractor rod. They also come with useful features like interchangeable blocks, amber pilot light, and dynamic temperature range. The dimensions of an analog dry bath incubator would vary from model to model.

Digital incubators offer excellent temperature stability. They come with a PID microprocessor for controlled temperature selection and rapid heat up. Large LED display exhibits actual temperature readings, humidity set point and other incubator information. Advanced options to set temperature in 0.1ºC increments up to 120ºC are available in most quality lab incubators models.

Consider Brand

The brand of the product is an important aspect to be considered before selecting an incubator. Identify the top brands in the market which offer different models and sizes of incubators. Benchmark Scientific and Boekel Scientific are the top brands which offer different types of incubators. Some of the popular models of analog dry bath and digital dry bath incubators from these brands are:

Benchmark Scientific:

  • MyTemp Mini Digital 15V

Boekel Scientific:

  • Analog, 0.8cf capacity, 115V
  • Analog Dry Bath, 2-Block, 115V
  • Analog, 5.0cu ft, Three Shelf, Solid Door, 230V
  • Analog, 1.4 cu ft, Two Shelf, Solid Door, 230V
  • Digital Dry Bath, 2-Block, 230V
  • Digital Dry Bath, 4-Block, 115V
  • Digital Dry Bath, 4-Block, 230V

Find a Reliable Supplier

One of the advantages of purchasing your incubator from an online lab equipment supplier is that you can choose from top quality models. Other benefits of shopping online for lab incubators are:

  • View of product image
  • Easy comparison of various brands, features, specifications and price
  • Search for product discount and other reduction offers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Safe and hassle free payment options
  • On-time final product delivery
  • Prompt and efficient after-sales support

With a reliable and trustworthy lab equipment supplier, you can also expect professional guidance to select the right incubator to meet your specific needs.

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