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Cardano launches the last Alonzo testnet before smart contract introduction

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Cardano launches the last Alonzo testnet before smart contract introduction

Cardano initiates the final spurt for Alonzo. In the third and final test network before the hard fork, smart contracts are now being scrutinized.

Hard forks are booming right now. After ETH and Theta Network, all eyes are now on Cardano, where the last fork of the Goguen era heralds the smart contract era for the network. The intelligent contracts are being used for the first time in the third and final “Alonzo Purple” test network, which started a few days ago.

Smart contract demonstration in the purple testnet

According to Cardano founder and IOHK boss Charles Hoskinson, who is the current status in a Series of tweets explains that Alonzo Purple has already started successfully and has started the “onboarding process for new users”. This represents an “exciting and important next step in the Alonzo journey”. The opening of the testnet environment is an “important moment that marks a significant step forward in the introduction of smart contracts in the Cardano mainnet,” explains Hoskinson, who runs the The final date for the hard fork is dated at the end of August or beginning of September.

The Testnet is now in the hands of 150 tasters who put it through its paces. In addition, 300 graduates from the “Plutus pioneer program”, a kind of Cardano training program for new prospective developers, were recruited for the Testnet test run.

At the same time, the developers are in regular contact with stock exchanges in order to prepare the seamless transition for ADA investors. Ultimately, according to Hoskinson, if we fork the network to ensure that their customers have uninterrupted access to their ADA deposits and withdrawals, we want to make sure “as many exchanges as possible are Alonzo-ready.” In order to stay up to date, the team will publish a page in the next few days “on which the work on the exchange integration can be followed”, according to the company.

Cardano is “on the right track”

According to Hoskinson, the Alonzo progress is “very good”. Nevertheless, there is “still a long way to go”, which “further mistakes” and “stumbling blocks” should pave. But: “That’s what a testnet is for”. Despite the imponderables on the home straight that cannot be ruled out, they are overall “on the right track” and “a really exciting future is just around the corner”.

Indeed: if Alonzo runs smoothly, the new section should be the most exciting chapter in the Cardano era. With the support of smart contracts, the multi-asset platform could mature into one of the most important hubs for DeFi and NFT and take over more and more market shares from the eternal competitor ETH.

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