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The Israeli secret service Mossad is looking for cryptocurrency experts

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There have been reports that the Israeli national intelligence agency Mossad is looking for experts in cryptocurrencies and financial technologies. The reason is said to be that it can use cryptocurrencies for anonymous payments to agents or the purchase of equipment.

The Israeli secret service Mossad is looking for cryptocurrency experts
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The report was revealed by the leading Israeli media Ynet August 8. According to the translation, this is the first time that the institution has been openly looking for a person who specializes in cryptocurrencies.

Will Mossad use BTC?

Mossad specializes in intelligence gathering, covert operations and the fight against terrorism in Israel, so the use of cryptocurrencies is justified.

According to the job description, the organization is looking for a technological leader in the field of fintech and digital currencies. The position includes leadership, initiation, planning and accompanying systems development activities and requires 3 years of experience in the world of fintech.

Other positions the agency is looking for include a business consultant for what is defined as a “challenging and dynamic role”. These were not the only positions published by Ynet. Mossad also wants someone who can develop unique mechanical tools for work that includes “planning, developing, manufacturing, implementing, writing product portfolios, training, managing product methodology, and performing mechanical integration for complex assemblies.”

It all sounds like James Bond, because they also want a cyber expert who is an expert in camera systems.

The use of cryptocurrencies for anonymous payments is exactly what most countries, mostly the United States, are trying to suppress.

BTC, which once again reached $ 45,000 this weekend, would not be the best choice if mixing services were not used as well. Monero (XMR) would be more convenient because it has these features built into the blockchain. Naturally, the intelligence agency did not specify any of this.

Hamas has already been targeted

On July 10, the Israeli National Counter-Terrorist Finance Authority ordered the confiscation of 84 crypto addresses linked to the terrorist organization Hamas.

The analysis revealed that an Islamic terrorist group used many cryptocurrencies, including Tether, BTC, Etherea, Dogecoin, and others, with wallets containing more than $ 7.7 million in cryptocurrencies.

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