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Cardano price forecast: crazy capital inflow! Investors are accumulating furiously, ADA is booming

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The Cardano price has been under pressure for weeks – but blockchain researchers are now discovering that wealthy investors, so-called whales, are accumulating ADA like crazy – the metric has even reached a new 16-month high!

Does it make sense to invest in Cardano?

That’s the big question many investors are asking themselves given the strong crypto competition at ADA. Especially since the Cardano price (ADA) has been struggling enormously for some time: ADA had to lose around 13% within the last four weeks, based on the last seven days it is still a whopping 8% – and on a daily basis it looks like -1% not necessarily bullish either.

But: The tide could soon turn – depending on how you interpret the latest Cardano analysis by blockchain researchers at Santiment.

According to market researchers, the number of ADA wallets with 100,000 or more coins has just exploded to a new annual high: More than 25,000 wallets now hold 100,000 ADA and more. This corresponds to a minimum deposit of more than $27,000. This means: Wealthy investors are investing more and more in ADA – probably in anticipation of a price increase? Santiment:

“ 🐳Trader sentiment towards ADA remains poor as its market cap has fallen 35% since its peak 4 months ago. However, the sharks & whales weren’t as deterred as one might think. There are now 25,294 wallets with 100K+ $ADA, the most in 16 months.”

ADA enthusiast “CardanoCore” adds: The whales and sharks know something – a statement that Santiment retweeted and thus additionally supported.

“The 🐳’s and 🦈’s know something 👀.
There are now 25,294 wallets with 100K+ $ADA”

What the whales and sharks know remains to be seen. There is currently no pressing news to report in the ADA ecosystem apart from bullish growth. Founder Charles Hoskinson is nevertheless emphatically bullish, commenting: ADA is here to stay.

However, many ADA critics see it differently and continue to accuse the project of being a fool’s errand. Who will be right?

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.