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Carrefour will install ATMs for buying and selling cryptocurrencies

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Supermarket chain Carrefour has announced that it will install cryptocurrency ATMs at its European locations. With this, customers will be able to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies directly through these machines.

According to the company, the novelty was possible thanks to a partnership with Weex Capital, a company that provides cryptocurrency ATMs. That’s why, in principle, the machines will be installed at Carrefour units in Spain, Weex’s country of origin.

However, the company does not rule out that other countries may receive the news in the future. 

With the ATMs installed, Carrefour customers will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Little has been detailed about the operation of the operations, but purchases and sales will be restricted to the amount of € 990.

Carrefour expands operations

Now, Carrefour expands its operations beyond blockchain technology, adopted by the chain since 2019. The chain’s supermarkets use the technology to trace the origins of various foods, such as milk and children’s products.

According to brand website customers themselves can track the history of various products on the blockchain.

“Building trusting relationships with the consumer is necessary for both the producer and the distributor. The food chain (name of the network used by Carrefour) is a response to this customer need. By scanning the QR code on the product label, the consumer can access transparent information through their smartphone,” the company said.

The cryptocurrency ATM market registered a strong expansion in 2021. 20,000 devices were installed that year alone, with an emphasis on El Salvador, which registers 332 ATMs of the type. Spain has 77 of them, according to data from the Coin ATM Radar.

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