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Choosing Crypto Signals: Rocket Wallet

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There are plenty of crypto signals groups on Telegram nowadays. Literally, anybody with access to the Internet can open their own signals group.

Most of them have one thing in common: They claim to be experienced traders, providing low-risk, high-accuracy signals that allow for significant profits over relatively short periods of time. Because opportunity makes thieves, it has become harder and harder not to fall for scams in the world of crypto.

An Overview of Rocket Wallet Signals

Rocket Wallet Signals is all about responsible trading and giving their VIP members insights into the current market situation.

The free telegram group of Rocket Wallet Signals with currently over 35,000 members contains a small set of VIP signals and market updates for members to introduce what services the group is providing. This also includes monthly signal reports to verify past performances of the service.

The VIP service actually consists of 3 different channels:

  • The VIP Signals Channel contains all signals posted by the trading team consisting of 2 traders led by Adam from France.
  • The VIP Updates Channel gives regular updates on open signals and the current market trends.
  • The VIP Insights/Tips Channel allows members to learn about trading techniques.

What makes Rocket Wallet different from most signal groups is that they additionally provide a moderated VIP Chat group for discussions about ongoing signals, trends, or general questions about cryptocurrencies and the moderator team tries to leave no questions unanswered.

The channel is growing rapidly and reached 1.000 VIP members in April 2021, only to grow by another 25% in the last few weeks. Rocket Wallet Signals provides both spot and futures signals valid for Binance and several other exchanges at a reasonable subscription price.

Choosing Crypto Signals: Rocket Wallet

In general, 1-3 signals are posted daily. Sometimes there might be over 5 signals per day, but since the focus lies on quality over quantity and not forcing trades, it’s also possible to go without a signal for multiple days.

All of the signals can be followed either manually or traded automatically with the leading trading bot solution for telegram. Simply connect the bot with the Binance API, relax, and stop worrying about charts all day and night. The bot does not have permission to withdraw funds, so the risk of an attack on that end is comparatively low.

The Dark Side of Crypto Signals – Scam Attempts

Crypto Signal groups are blossoming in the current bull market, but with it always come the weeds and pests. In the last few months, many signal groups have seen an increased amount of attempts to scam people with fake groups or clones.

One approach these scammers take is to infiltrate VIP groups and then either leak the posted signals of multiple channels to sell their own VIP service, or to create clones of the channel with similar names and adding so-called “Pump & Dump” signals to defraud the members of the scam channel. 

While imitation is the highest form of flattery, many people interested in learning how to trade get discouraged by being scammed out of their hard earned money and not even realizing they are not part of the real signals group.

Rocket Wallet Signals is currently working on implementing several anti-leak solutions to counteract some of the most aggressive scams related to the channel. They also actively monitor scam attempts and inform their members of the free and VIP groups about known attempts.

When joining any signals groups, make sure you do proper research on the channel and confirm the legitimacy and authenticity of the channel name and owner from different sources before joining or making any payment to avoid falling victim to a scammer.

Especially watch out for “usernames” and “bio” of the accounts and the “telegram URL” and “name” of the channels. Due to the structure of telegram, it is very easy to create a clone of a channel and personal account that looks stunningly similar to the original and only differs from a single character in the username.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of Crypto Signals groups out there on telegram, some more legit than others. Rocket Wallet Signals does not claim to be the best signals group, since there is no such thing.

With an accuracy of over 70%, strict risk management, regular market analysis, and great support in the VIP Chat at competitive subscription fees, Rocket Wallet Signals is definitely worth considering.

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