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First 2 NFTs by Max Felicitas and Martina Smeraldi for sale on eBay and Opensea

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NFTs Pornvisory

Today Pornvisory launched a series of new NFTs, created by three different artists, each with their own style, and featuring the images of two well-known Italian adult film actors, Max Felicitas and Martina Smeraldi.

The series, created by Pornvisory in collaboration with the two actors, includes 3 drawings for each actor, with increasing levels of rarity, with the first drop having 10 copies, the second 5 copies and the third a single copy.

Today the first two drops were published, one by Max Felicitas and one by Martina Smeraldi.

First 2 NFTs by Max Felicitas and Martina Smeraldi for sale on eBay and Opensea

NFTs for sale on eBay 

The works will be published on the PVY ART marketplace on, where they can be purchased with the usual procedures for buying tokens (payment in USDT and ETH, through MetaMask or similar).

To help the diffusion and the less experienced crypto users, these NFTs can also be found on where the purchase can be finalized through Paypal and credit card.

All NFTs in this series will contain a unique code as locked content (i.e. readable only by the owner), thanks to which it will be possible to obtain cashback equal to 50% of the amount spent on the purchase of the token, paid in PVY – the internal currency of the PornVisory ecosystem, launched in October 2020 as a governance token and listed on Uniswap.

Finally, the third drop will contain an additional code that will entitle users to receive extra “real” content, which, as the project team promises, will be announced soon. On platforms like Opensea, in fact, there are many NFT sellers and artists who allow you to redeem additional content when you buy the non-fungible token.

Pornvisory and NFTs in the porn world

Pornvisory was the first project to start using NFTs in the adult industry back in 2020, before the big hype that followed in 2021. 

Meanwhile, there are other projects that have brought NFTs into porn, such as RarePorn and Camsoda.


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