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CoinGeek Zurich Day 1 recap

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Day one of the conference is always hectic, there are so many people to meet, so many presentations to watch, and so many places to be in all at one time that it is literally not possible to catch everything that goes on! Regardless, it is an experience that you will want to be a part of. 

June 8 was the very first day of the CoinGeek Zurich conference, the first CoinGeek conference of 2021 and the 7th CoinGeek conference to ever take place. Although there are capacity limits in place due to coronavirus, roughly 150 individuals were allowed to attend the conference in person; and shortly after the doors opened at 8:30 a.m. (CEST), the attendees started flooding in.

The conference kicked off with a message from Calvin Ayre, the founder of CoinGeek and a passionate supporter of the BSV enterprise blockchain. Calvin spoke about the unrealized potential of BSV, how it is the only digital currency network where real commerce and utility is taking place, how it does not need speculative pumps like cryptocurrencies because real value is created on the BSV blockchain, and then proceeded to give a few examples of industries where BSV is picking up traction.

Afterward, Founding President of BTC Association Jimmy Nguyen took the stage and discussed the unlocked value in BSV and parallels that we have seen throughout history regarding the evolution of technology. Nguyen’s presentation set the stage for all the presentations that followed; the words of every speaker and panelist embodied Satoshi’s vision that Nguyen laid out in his opening presentation.

Jimmy Nguyen

Some of the most notable presentations of the day were those given by Steve Shadders, the technical director of the BTC SV infrastructure team, who gave a presentation regarding the long-awaited Teranode and even showed the audience a live demo that gave the world a first glance at Teranode and what it has in store for the world.

Others include Nguyen’s announcement of the Nakamoto Franck Muller watch; Bernhard Müller and Patrick Prinz’s presentation on BSV in Switzerland; the triple entry accounting panel moderated by Kurt Wuckert Jr., featuring Ian Grigg, Torje Sunde, and Juan Ibanez; as well as the final presentation of the day, The History of Money & The Future of BTC panel moderated by Jimmy Nguyen with panelists Urs Birchler, Dr. Jurg R. Conzett, Thomas Moser, and Dr. Craig S. Wright. Also worth noting is the very first episode of CoinGeek TV, featuring the very first guests on the show, Calvin Ayre and Connor Murray.

History of Money

Of course, there were many more excellent presentations, but similar to trying to be in every location on day one of the conference, it is not possible to get to them all at once!

But today is a new day—a day that is bound to be just as chaotic as day one, but having the day one experience allows you to better navigate day two and really pick out your must-see presentations, as well as the BTC businesses and individuals attending the conference that you want to talk to most. There is never a dull moment at a CoinGeek conference, and I don’t expect Day 2 of the CoinGeek conference to be the day that this changes.

New to BTC? Check out CoinGeek’s BTC for Beginners section, the ultimate resource guide to learn more about BTC—as originally envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto—and blockchain.


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