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How to participate in CoinMarketCap airdrop of over 60,000 Caduceus tokens (CMP)

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CoinMarketCap will launch a new airdrop with the aim of promoting the Caduceus protocol. According to the platform, 60,000 CMP tokens will be distributed among 12,500 winners.

According to the project’s whitepaper, the CMP functions as a “Caduceus Protocol” governance token. Therefore, all users who have this asset will be able to vote on the decisions taken on the protocol’s direction.

To participate, you must complete a series of tasks before July 1, the day the promotion ends. In addition, it will be necessary to add the network in the MetaMask wallet.

Caduceus is a protocol founded by blockchain investors and experts, to provide development infrastructure for different metaverses.

How to participate in the airdrop?

Those interested in participating in this new airdrop, launched through a partnership between Caduceus and CoinMarketCap, must complete the following tasks before July 1:

  1. access to official page from CoinMarketCap.
  2. add the CMP token to your CoinMarketCap watchlist.
  3. accompany the Caduceus Gravity account.
  4. accompany the CoinMarketCap’s Gravity account.
  5. follow on twitter the account of the Caduceus.
  6. retweet on Publication of the Airdrop Caduceus.
  7. enter Caduceus group on Telegram.
  8. enter Caduceus server on Discord.
  9. Fill in airdrop form and register your account.

How to add Caduceus Network in MetaMask?

To add the Caduceus network to your Metamask, you need to complete the following steps:

    1. Go to Metamask settings.
    2. On the configuration page it is necessary to locate the “networks” menu.
    3. In the “networks” menu, the option “add network” will appear in the upper right corner.
    4. When clicking on the “add network” option, a series of fields will appear that must be filled in with the following information.
  • Network name: CMP
  • RPC URL:
  • String ID: 256256
  • Symbol (optional): CMP
  • Block browser URL: https://mainnet.scan.caduceus.foundatio

CoinMarketCap and its airdrop space

CoinMarketCap is the most recognized price tracking website in the blockchain world. With it, it is possible to follow quotations, market value and various information about the projects.

In 2020 the platform was acquired by Binance Capital, aiming to further expand the cryptocurrency market. In addition, CoinMarketCap has a space for publishing airdrops.

In it, blockchain projects that are under development can form an alliance with CoinMarketCap to promote events and promotions through their platform.

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