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The companies opposed the Canadian government’s decision and refused to freeze BTC in support of “Freedom Conwoy”

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A Ontario Supreme Court judge has ordered the freezing of millions of dollars in donations, including BTC and other cryptocurrencies, transferred to protesting truckers in Ottawa – “Freedom Conwoy”.

A Canadian court has ruled that the gifts have been frozen

The freezing order was issued by Judge Calum Macleod, who told protesters that they were forbidden to “sell, rent, waste, liquidate, transfer” any property acquired in connection with the ongoing protests.

The column, which supporters called the “Freedom Convoy”,  gathered near Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Protesters successfully raised about $ 10 million on the GoFundMe platform (the site ended the campaign). After that, fundraising began to be approached more enthusiastically, and there was a turnaround.

The Ontario court order is aimed at the organizations involved in custody Freedom Conwoy funds. These include well-known Canadian banks such as TD Canada Trust and ATB Financial. In addition, the court order targets 150 crypto wallets. If anyone refuses to comply with a court order, may be found guilty of contempt of court.

BTC for Freedom Conwoy companies refuse to freeze

However, not all commercial organizations have agreed to comply with this requirement.

Representatives of the self-custody BTC wallet announced that they could not identify the identity of customers, block their access to the accounts and freeze their coins.

“Please see how the self-service wallet and private keys work. When the Canadian dollar depreciates, we will be at your service, ”the team joked in a letter to the Supreme Court of the Canadian province of Ontario.

Edge Wallet employees also expressed a sense of humor and responded to the order to block user accounts with a clam and a “No” label.

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell said the crypto exchange would be “forced to comply” with law enforcement requirements and urged users to withdraw their cryptocurrencies from the exchange:

“We will be forced to comply. If this situation worries you, do not store your funds in any centralized / regulated entity. We can’t protect you. Choose your resource and run P2P only. ”

According to official figures, Freedom Conwoy earned around $ 20 million in fiat currency and digital asset donations. Donors included many right-wing Americans and supporters of former US President Donald Trump.

However, the Canadian government continues to seek to seize funds from protesters. The freeze is a separate process aimed at the potential redistribution of approximately $ 20 million to Ottawa citizens.

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