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Create your own Bitcoin node – It’s cheap and easy and helping network!

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Create your own Bitcoin node - It's cheap and easy and helping network!

There are three different categories of participants in the BTC network. They are miners, full node operators and users. Miners are actively involved in network development and block production. Full-node operators then check that no one in the network is breaking the rules. It is neither demanding nor expensive, and the BTC network is considerably safer thanks to such participants.


Why run a full node?


Operating your own full node has several advantages. For the network itself, the benefit is obvious. Full node operators can check that no one is breaking the rules. Block producers (miners) have the power to manipulate the network, and the full node operators can check to see if there is any mischief on the part of the miners.


Thanks to full node supervision, the BTC network is considered safe. It is also interesting that most miners do not have a full node at all because they join large pools. This creates the risk of centralization, where only a few Chinese pools now constitute the majority of the network’s mining power.


Custom full node will also bring you more security. You no longer have to rely on a third party, as is the case with lightweight wallets. If you have a lightweight wallet without your own full node, you basically rely on the wallet creator not to cheat or deceive you.


You will also have a higher level of privacy with the full node. If you connect to a third party through your wallet, that party will receive information about you. It is the purse operators who will be addressed in the future to provide information about the people who use their services.


Custom full node is neither expensive nor demanding


If you now say that you are not enough to run your own full node, then do not worry. It is practically a trivial process and anyone who knows how to use a computer at least at a good level can do it.


On a full node you just need an ordinary computer connected to the Internet. A stable connection is required, 200 GB of free hard disk space and at least 2GB of RAM. The computer should ideally be always online, but it can also be turned off. However, this is not recommended.


However, there is also the option to purchase specialized hardware for full node operation. This is basically an all-in-one solution where you purchase both hardware and software specifically designed to run a full node.




If you would like to run a full node eg on an older computer, then there will be no major problems. You only need enough hard disk space, average RAM and a good Internet connection. To run a full node, just download the Bitcoin Core client. This software will be enough for you and thanks to its unpretentiousness, virtually everyone should manage it.

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