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The wife of deceased Steve Jobs has invested at least $ 5 million in cryptocurrency!

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The wife of deceased Steve Jobs has invested at least $ 5 million in cryptocurrency!

The widow of Apple’s co-founder, Laurele Powell Jobs after the death of her husband, the legendary Steve Jobs, inherited huge assets worth $ 20 billion in 2011. She has become a business woman and tries to use money for noble goals. She is Emerson Collective Charity Manager. According to the latest information, however, used part of her heritage to invest in the crypto project. At least $ 5 billion has been invested in the Coin social network Telegram.


TON (Telegram Open Network) The ICO took place in early 2018 at the time of hype around the cryptocurrency. The minimum investment was $ 5 million, with one GRAM coin worth less than $ 1.


Telegram problems with SEC


Since then, the Russian social network has been trying to launch its project, but has been hampered by the US SEC, which ICO considers illegal selling securities. The telegram did not bother to register its ICO in the US, but received investment from 39 US citizens. Among them was the mentioned Laurene Powell Jobs.


In total, US investors bought a billion GRAM tokens. Altogether, 2.9 billion coins were sold. The Americans contributed significantly to the success of the ICO and Telegram does not want to give up these funds.


The fact is that the Telegram violated US law when selling its tokens and will have major problems launching its network. Probably bigger than Facebook had with his Pound. Nor does Russia’s anonymous social network seem immune to the US SEC.


It does not hel nor will the fact that from a technical point of view everything is ready and the wallet from Telegram is actually working

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