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Cryptocommunity declared war on Google

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Cryptocommunity declared war on Google

The cryptocurrency community has decided to fight the silent censorship applied by Google’s search giant. There was a petition against the company. Investors and enthusiasts are concerned that cryptocurrency censorship has penetrated the search algorithm. On Twitter, insurgents have appropriated the #ForkGoogle hashtag.


ForkGoogle: Cryptocommunity against Goliath


Cryptocurrency censorship should run across all platforms. In addition to Google, for example, on YouTube. The last drop in the imaginary cup was deleting apps in the Google Play Store and banning profiles on YouTube that dealt with cryptocurrencies.


Investors, creatives and market leaders themselves should turn against Google.




The memorandum specifically accuses the Internet company of censorship of cryptocurrency content. And through various tools. From banning advertising, deleting videos, and last but not least, banning certain platforms. The company thus prevents people from educating themselves in the cryptocurrency industry.


The petition says that Google has violated not only its own policies but also universal human rights. These include free access to information that does not interfere with someone else’s rights.


#ForkGoogle also calls for as many people as possible to stop using their services. Tool and application developers should start using other options. Mentioned, for example, Brave and Steemit.


The memorandum states:


“We should support alternative services. Attracting investors and thus strengthening the cryptocurrency sector. ”


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