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DeFi, leverage trading, and BTC ‘to $1 million’ with CryptoJack

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This week’s CryptoNites episode saw host Alex Fazel catch up with crypto trader, investor, and popular YouTuber Jack Skipp to discuss all things BTC, trading, and price predictions for 2021. 

Skipp, who goes by ‘CryptoJack’ and is followed by over 118,000 followers on YouTube alone, started his crypto career over three years ago after formally training to be a pilot.

And he insists today’s successes didn’t come easy. “I’d like to say that overnight success usually takes a few years, it’s not actually overnight, but people don’t see the behind the scenes, the work, the struggles, the amount of effort you put in, they just see the end result,” reminisced Skipp in the podcast.

On BTC and ETH

Skipp, arguably like most in the crypto space, keeps a majority of his money invested in BTC. And some majority it is, with over 99% of his wealth safely invested in the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

“Yes, it may not be the smartest idea but again, I really believe in BTC. Like nothing else in this world. I think it’s going to be a very smart financial move, however, and actually, BTC mostly BTC around 9085 to 90% in BTC, the rest in ETH, and a few percent allocations to old coins,” he told Fazel.

He added in a word for crypto newcomers and newbies investors, “If you’re kind of new to crypto, just start with buying 50 bucks of BTC, maybe 100 bucks of BTC, and maybe 50 bucks in ETH as well.

“I would mainly tailor it towards BTC because this is although BTC is still a risky asset class in the sense of traditional investments, it’s a kind of a safer, a safer one than maybe some of the other old coins,” he further stated.

“And you can even throw a few 100 bucks or a few 1000 bucks depending on your financial situation into some kind of low cap alts maybe if you want to have a gamble, but as long as you realize that this is not always going to pay off and it is a gamble and whatever money you put in.”

BTC predictions for 2021

On the topic of price prediction for 2021 and 2022, Skipp wears his bullishness on his sleeve: “I think we could see $100,000 BTC in the next kind of six to 12 months, maybe six to 18 months. This is very, very easily, easily doable. where we are right now,” he said.

Skipp adds, “And also I think that long term, for example, five or 10 years, we’re going to be seeing a million dollar BTC, it’s going to happen, it’s inevitable that it will happen. Whether it happens in the next five years. 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, however long it will take. I’m going to be waiting for a million-dollar BTC.”

“But this cycle, I think, we have not seen we’ve only really 2x on the previous all-time high. And that’s not really that high. Yes, $45,000. BTC is a high amount, but in comparison to the previous, it’s just it’s we have so much more room to grow. I think putting a price target of $50-$60,000 is not really a realistic target. So at least 100 $150,000 in six to 18 months, at least, that’s very conservative as well. And then in the next 510 years, at least three, four or 500,000 at least targeting upwards of $1 million to $2 million.”

(Catch the rest of the exciting CryptoNites podcast with Skipp’s thoughts on ETH, investing, DeFi, and other trending topics right below!)

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