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Does Raoul Pal only own one BTC?

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Former Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager Raoul Pal claimed in a tweet, he only owns one BTC. However, no one knows whether this claim is meant to be 100% serious. Because he fell in the course of a dispute with the self-proclaimed “BTC strategist” Greg Foss. Pal is the founder and CEO of Real Vision and Global Macro, while Foss is an executive director at Validus Power Corp. is.

There could still be some truth behind it. Because now Pal thinks very highly of ETH. Ethereum and other altcoins may even surpass its BTC holdings now.

Yes, there is a bitcoin revolution but there is a digital asset revolution going on that is beyond incredible. It is very early days, like BTC in 2013, but it’s happening. Some will be on the BTC blockchain but the vast majority will not be

, according to Pals voiced on Twitter Forecast.

Raoul Pal remains bullish on ETH and BTC

The trigger for the dispute between him and Foss was a rude and adult abuse of the latter. After some back-and-forth, Pal claimed that people like Foss and the exclusionary ideology of the BTC community were the reason he was down to 1 BTC.

In October last year, Pal announced that he had made the largest Etherreum purchase of his life. He explained that the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization could reach a price of USD 20,000 by March 2022. At the time of writing, however, the price is trading at $2,777. In terms of BTC, however, Pal had also recently expressed similar bullishness. It remains to be seen whether Pal’s statements regarding his BTC holdings will come true in the end.

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