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Metaverses Genesis Worlds, Gods Unchained and Heroes Chained announce news

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Developers of projects linked to the metaverse are ignoring the recent negative climate in the cryptocurrency market and announcing several new developments.

Gods Unchained

One of them is the game Gods Unchained. After the hype surrounding the project in 2021, which took the GODS token to a new all-time high, the game’s team announced another extension to the balance phase of its latest card set, Divine Order.

In addition, the team announced a staking system for the GODS token, in which users will be rewarded with more tokens and the staking reward pool will be replenished with fees paid at The Forge.

To keep the Forge going, merging cards to create shiny versions should also arrive sometime in 2022. This has been a long-promised feature that many players are looking forward to.

This is because, the feature will not only create an ongoing demand for the GODS token, but it will also serve to decrease the overall card supply for all card sets.

Genesis Worlds and Heroes Chained

Who is also with news is Genesis Worlds. The metaverse has announced the release of its first Founders NFTs for late January.

In the game, each NFT will give the user the right to participate in the governance of the metaverse and mine the GENESIS token. This crypto asset, in turn, will feed the economy of the entire virtual universe.

In practice, each NFT will give 1 land, governance rights and issue GENESIS tokens. Each land will emit 3,326 GENESIS in the year. Mining emissions will begin on January 26th.

So, the longer the user keeps their NFT, the more rewards they will receive.

Finally, another metaverse with news is Heroes Chained. The project has just wrapped up its first funding round on Seedify, raising 327,000 BUSD.

Heroes Chained (HC) is a real-time fantasy action RPG. In it, the player becomes a Guild Master and gathers heroes.

All Guilds, items and collectibles will be traded on the open market for HeC, the in-game cryptocurrency. White paper of the game explains in detail how the game will

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