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Dynamo Kiev Set to Sell NFT Tickets for 2021 Season

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Dynamo Kiev Set to Sell NFT Tickets for 2021 Season

Ukranian football side Dynamo Kiev have announced they will be selling tickets for the upcoming seas as non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have seen a swell in growth over 2021. With musicians, artists and even sports teams taking advantage of the new utility. 

Dynamo Kiev becomes yet another sports team to make use of NFTs. The footballing champions of Ukraine have announced that the team will be launching NFT tickets for the upcoming season. The team will utilize American blockchain partner Moonwalk.  

The first sports club in the world to offer NFT tickets 

The NFT tickets will be sold exclusively on the Binance NFT Marketplace. Dynamo Kiev will join the 100 Creators Campaign that marks the launch of the Binance NFT marketplace. Making the football side the first major sports club in the world to sell NFTs as tickets and collectibles. 

The launch of the NFT tickets is set to begin in June 2021. Director of Binance Eastern Europe’s Gleb Kostarev commented on the partnership, saying “Dynamo Kiev has an outstanding history and one of the largest fan bases in Ukraine. We are happy to announce this collaboration and, of course, users have been looking forward to it as well. We firmly believe that NFT tickets will soon become a familiar thing for football fans and the Binance NFT marketplace will be one of the leading platforms for functional NFTs.”

Dynamo Kiev plans to sell roughly 25% of its tickets for home games as NFTs in the future. Fans will be able to purchase NFT tickets and receive match tickets as well as exclusive prizes. NFT holders will also receive bonuses and experiences using the Moonwalk-powered digital wallet on the Dynamo website. 

A leader in technological innovation

Vice President of Dynamo Kiev FC, Mark Ginzburg believes the move will make Dynamo Kiev a technological leader of football in Europe. “We will always strive to provide Dynamo fans with the most up-to-date and efficient services and tools, and work only with recognized industry leaders. Therefore, our NFT ticket was developed by one of the leading US companies, Moonwalk, and the platform for its implementation will be the Binance NFT marketplace, a division of the world’s largest eponymous exchange for trading digital assets” Ginzburg said.

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