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Effective Business Card Design For Weight Loss Trainers

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A business card can be one of the most cost effective methods of advertising available. They are small, expensive, and are easily saved by potential customers. Business cards come in several different styles. The three basic types are the simple one sided card, cards with information on both sides, and folding cards that open up and give quite a bit of room for additional information. Custom business cards are generally thought to have eleven different elements. When the card is intended for an individual such as a weight loss trainer, a few of these elements can be dispensed with and more design concentration can be placed on the remaining elements.

The most important element is the name of the individual. Contact information such as phone numbers and address rate second. Without these basic facts, your business card is next to worthless. In this age of digital communication, it is wise to place your email address and your website url if you have one. This is an essential part of the design. Contact information must be easy to read and accurate in content. Your job title is also critical here. You do not want to leave any doubt in the customer’s mind as to exactly what type of service you are offering.

Once the contact information is worked into the design, you are free to become a bit more creative and artistic. Color business cards tend to catch the customers more easily than black and white cards. This would be important if you are going to be leaving your card on bulletin boards. The use of a logo or graphic images certainly spices up the card, and gives you a chance to express the main thrust of your service. If you are investing a little bit more and selecting a folding style card, you can consider giving a more detailed description of what you are offering your customers.

Weight Loss trainers who wish to produce an effective business card would be wise to concentrate their graphic design efforts on images that create a positive impression. It is important to focus on the results and not the problem. Images of overweight persons although they might be presented in a humorous fashion will be more likely to create a negative impression. It would be much better to use an athletic orientated graphic that stresses the results that you are going to help achieve rather than the problems you are going to be addressing.

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