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‘ETH: The Infinite Garden’ Documentary Crowdfunds $1.9M

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‘ETH: The Infinite Garden’ Documentary Crowdfunds $1.9M

The documentary, featuring Vitalik Buterin, had set a goal of raising 750 ETH on crowdfunding site Mirror. The project ended up raising 1,036 ETH, almost $2 million. 

The documentary will be the first feature-length documentary about the history of ETH, according to the filmmakers behind the project. Naturally, Buterin as the co-founder of ETH will be a key player in the documentary. Additionally, Aya Miyaguichi, the executive director of the ETH Foundation and the one who conceptualized the film will be featured. The crowdfunding page blew up in the three days it was active and earned well over the target for the film. 

The filmmakers behind the doc have said that crowdfunding the film felt to them like the best way to raise capital for this passion project. Allowing members of the public to not only get involved but to help develop the film is part of the project goal itself. According to co-director Zach Ingrasci, “I think it’s so exciting that a DAO [decentralized autonomous organization] could be our executive producer. “

Crowdfunding round raises millions

The funding page states that the film is a “ground-breaking experiment to be the first documentary film to fundraise using NFTs.” The production company behind the film, Optimist, has announced they will work with digital artist pplpleasr to create an NFT collection tied to the credits of the film. 

When all was said and done 662 people made contributions to the project. One-of-a-kind NFTs along with on-screen film credits were given to each of the top three contributors to the project. The highest contribution came from a user named leopard.eth who plopped down a 140.00 ETH donation. Not only will the trip each receive a 1/1 NFT, but also be credited as either executive producer, co-executive-producer, or contributing producer. 

As for all the other contributors, anyone who pledged at least one ETH was given an NFT, with some rare than others depending on the tier of investment you made. The lowest tier, named seed tier, is for anyone who contributed even the smallest amount and grants access to a private discord and gets your name on the official website. 

Producer Carrie Weprin says that the project hopes to have a film to submit to film festivals by 2023 and will also try to secure a release on a major streaming platform. 

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