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ETHA Lend Launches Mainnet to Unlock Optimal Yields

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ETHA Lend Launches Mainnet to Unlock Optimal Yields

ETHA Lend, has announced the launch of its Mainnet on the Polygon network on July, 15.

ETHA Lend is an agnostic yield optimizer that aims to remove the high barrier to entry costs in DeFi to provide algorithmically optimal yields.

ETHA Lend is set to make DeFi yields easier, simpler, and elegant for its users irrespective of their asset classes. The protocol is changing the DeFi terrain with a suite of yield optimization features. By launching on Polygon, the protocol also attains maximum scalability that the current ETH network lacks.

The protocol holds a substantial first-mover advantage with its 700X faster discovery algorithm that calculates asset allocation in under a second, even for an asset supply as huge as a million USDC. That is an unseen technological innovation in DeFi, capable of enhancing the operational efficiency of its users.

The Mainnet will come alive with several other game-changing features such as the:

ETHA Smart Wallet

ETHA Smart Wallet is a non-custodial wallet that can chain multiple transactions into one transaction. These transactions can be with different assets, and the wallet still batches it into one atomic transaction. There are a couple of reasons that make this configuration mind-blowing – such as phenomenal gas optimization.

Even though we receive the benefit of executing multiple transactions, you still pay the gas for only one.

Moreover, the ETHA Smart wallet eliminates the need to pay for any approval or authentication fees, further helping users save up on a significant amount of gas fees down the line. 

The eVaults

The protocol aims to launch multiple efficient and high yield vault strategies based on the risk appetite of their users. Initially, two vaults (eVaults) shall launch with the Mainnet, including the QuickSwap and Curve eVaults infamous for their incredible impermanent loss benefit.

However, to provide risk-averse users a genuinely stable and predictable strategy, the eVaults use stable assets as deposits and offer returns on these deposits as volatile assets. For example, users can insert stable coins like USDT, USDC, and DAI as deposits to receive returns in ETH, BTC, and ETHA tokens.

ETHA Lending Market

The protocol understands that the recent market volatility has presented new challenges for both DeFi lenders and borrowers. The team is dedicated to providing the best yields on user’s investment by validating stability at the highest and preparing a competitive lending market.

The protocol uses a hybrid supply rate model to reduce the weight of short-term volatility on its discovery algorithm for lenders to have more predictable and consolidated rates.

There are many other iterations for ETHA Lend’s Mainnet that can excite any DeFi enthusiast, such as a highly intuitive “My Portfolio” page that allows users to Swap, Invest, deposit their assets on the same page, as well as claim their returns.

Concluding Thoughts

With the Mainnet launch on July 15, ETHA Lend will cement its product-market fit by offering accessible, sustainable, and profitable yields to its users.

The protocol’s sophisticated suite of yield optimization features can prove to be some of the most effective tools in your arsenal towards value-based returns from DeFi.

Users can stay up to date with recent events on the following platforms; Website, Twitter, Medium, Telegram News Channel, Whitepaper, and GitHub.

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