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Food Processor – The Cook of Your Kitchen

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Food Processor is one of the most efficient and vital appliances of your kitchen. This is able to do a range of repetitive work in order to prepare food safely and quickly. Today, the definition of food processor has constrained to an electric-motor-driven appliance. Making use of processor is one of the best ways of doing complex processes such as chopping, mincing, grinding, blending and chopping and many more.

They are more or less similar to blenders. The basic and major distinguishing factor is that it makes use of interchangeable blades and disks. It comprises of comparatively wider and shorter containers. Unlike blenders which require liquid for the movement of the material inside the container around the blade, food processors require no or very little amount of water for the movement.

It was introduced to United States in 1970 since then it has become the vital member of the kitchen. This most efficient and useful kitchen appliance was first developed by a French salesman named Pierre Verdun. He was inspired to produce a very efficient solution for most tedious processes such as chopping, shredding, grinding and mixing and many more. He established a company for making commercial processors for catering industry. The very first domestic food processor was brought in the market in the year 1972.

It is one of the fastest selling kitchen appliances of the market. Different types of food processors possess certain features that emerge as their strong points. The full sized food processors exhibit more versatility as compare to their lower versions.

They can be used for different purposes such as coffee grinder, juicer grinder, hand blenders and mixer grinder or mixie. It should be noted that not all models of food processors include the blades or discs. This refers that specific processors are designed for specific functions.

There are a range of brands that offer some of the most efficient food processors in the market. The brand such as Vita-Mix Food Processor is considered as one of the most extraordinary and the best built appliances. These are able to chop a range of ingredients such as mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and many more for making your cooking exciting and fun. It exhibits a very powerful motor which has a capacity to chop about 6 ice cubes in seconds.

Toastmaster – These are one of the highest performing food processors which are able to chop raw or cooked meats, several vegetable, fruits and nuts. It exhibits a pair of cutting blades for very fine and coarse grinding. Cleaning of these processors is very easy and hence these are preferred over others.

KitchenAid – are the ultimate companion of your kitchen. This brand has a several food processors to offer to their customers. The capacity of the processors ranges from 3 cups to 12 cups. The remarkable features of these food processors are a very powerful motor, largest opening for feeding and a narrow tube which makes it one of the most popular brands of food processors.

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