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Gala Games Announces Its Own Blockchain

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Like Axie Infinity, Gala Games announced that it is working on creating its own blockchain to avoid conflicts and slowdowns in its transactions.

Gala Games announces its blockchain

Gala Games recently posted a blog post about the progress they are making on Project GYRI, the tentative name for the blockchain. The final name is still unknown, even though the community is referring to him as Gala Chain.

According to the company, developing a blockchain to support its ecosystem is one of the biggest steps they have ever taken.

“We recently announced the launch of Gala Music and Gala Music nodes. Gala World is expanding and it’s doing it fast,” the developers highlighted.

The blockchain they are building is part of the company’s plan to move away from ETH to offer fast and cheap transactions to its users as quickly as possible.

As in the case of Axie, the Gala Games blockchain will be a layer 2 that will continue to communicate with Ethereum.

As the developers highlighted, Gala Chain will start as an authorized blockchain. This means that developers building on the platform will have to agree to the changes.

Also, as the project progresses, they gradually delegate operations to node operators.

“In the coming weeks, intensive testing will begin in the form of a community-wide play test. The project will be a Town Star themed game, entirely created to demonstrate and test the effectiveness of Gala Chain,” they said.

While it is unclear what other features the Gala blockchain intends to exploit, it is certain that the team has already identified a bottleneck in the Ethereum network that could hamper game developments. However, as the team highlighted, everything can change with Ethereum 2.0.

“But until then, we will continue our developments”, they concluded.

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