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TOP cryptocurrencies for staking with passive reward up to 80%

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Staking is becoming more and more popular every year in the crypto world. Compared to the proof-of-work algorithm, it is greener and easier to use and create new coins. The advantage is also the possibility to obtain a passive reward. In this article, we have selected the best cryptocurrencies that pay the highest rewards.

AXS – currently the most profitable cryptocurrency for staking

According to, AXS is rewarded 76% per year currently the most profitable cryptocurrency among known altcoins. In a year, an investment of more than USD 760 can be made from an investment of USD 1,000. So far, only 23% of all coins have been issued. Interestingly, most ASX coins, up to 29%, go into circulation just through staking. The coins can then be used to play games or support news that will take place on this platform. All coins should be put into circulation in 2026, which will also end high inflation. So far, this brings the opportunity to get coins completely free of charge until this year.

AXS coin distribution

AXS coin distribution. Source:

Cake – a big profit, but watch out for inflation

The next place is the cryptocurrency Pancakeswap with a reward of just under 50% per year. Like AXS, the coin pays to be rolled up. But there is a problem of long-term price decline. Big players sell their newly created coins, which they obtain through staking, and therefore the price is about 80% down from the historical maximum. The project therefore came up with a proposal to gradually reduce staking fees to lower values. Compared with December 2021, the remuneration has been reduced from around 60% to 50% and this trend will continue. If you have some Cake coins held motionless in your wallet, you have the opportunity to have them staked and get a rewards even during major declines.

EOS – another staking giant

EOS, according to, also offers reward approximately 50%. However, this cryptocurrency has a long-term problem with decline and is far from the historical maximum. The question even arises as to whether this cryptocurrency will ever recover and start to grow, as in 2018. We can certainly recommend staking to EOS coin holders. Buying a coin just to get new coins on the other hand may not be a good idea, as many other cryptocurrencies have far outgrown the growth of the EOS cryptocurrency, even if we include the staking fee.

TerraUST – the most profitable stablecoin

For staking, we definitely recommend stablecoin TerraUST. This cryptocurrency, tied 1: 1 to the US dollar, yields the best passive staking yield of up to 19% per year. It is interesting to be able to passively evaluate its cryptocurrencies via TerraUST stablecoin during declines.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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