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Guild Wars 2: The Future Of Online Role Playing Games

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Guildwars 2 is considered to be the most anticipated online game for 2011, but it seems it won’t be release this year. ArenaNet, the developer of Guildwars 2 is still tweaking the game to its full potential. As they always say in any press releases, “It will be out, when its ready.” That statement will bring more hype and as it always did in other online games, it will also raise the curiosity level a bit higher.

As an avid fan of massive multiplayer online role-playing games or mmorpg for short, I’m always on the look out for some of the most innovative games on the market. To tell you the truth, every online game gives the premise that they are the most unique among the pack.

Being different and offering more diverse features makes Guildwars 2, a step higher among the other games out there. What makes it different? Almost every part of this game is revolutionary on its own right. Take for example – “dynamic events” – where there are no designated npc (non player character) to get your quests and no scripted events that are expected to happen. It’s all random and it will depend solely on world events, that’s a fresh approach to the old questing method that we have known before.

Another thing to look out for are the character roles, as every class can heal and revive each other. So no more priests or clerics whose main role is just to heal and revive team mates, we will now see a tank class character that can heal while also in the front lines. This may seem different to most online gamers, as they are always accustomed to the common roles they used to play. But everything changes in the online gaming arena, it’s just that – ArenaNet made the first move.

There are two types of online gamers, we can simply categorized them into two groups. The “PVE” (player vs environment) type of gamer, wherein the focus of these players are on the questing side of the game. While the other group are the “PVP” players, the most competitive type of gamers, as their gaming time is centered on battling each other on persistent battlegrounds. Guildwars 2, caters to both these groups as they made a point to address the demands of these players. Especially, the PVP gamers that make up almost 70% of the player base. Some of the devs on Arenanet, boasts that PVP in Guildwars 2 is on a massive scale, which means battles are participated by hundreds of combatants and across three servers. So we can expect that every time we go into battle, it will be an “Epic” one.

If we look at Guildwars 2 in the perspective of an artist, obviously – this game doesn’t disappoints. As we have seen so far from its predecessor Guildwars; the world is simply amazing. Every detail is painstakingly made to generate eye candy panoramas. On top of that Guildwars 2, is on a one time fee subscription package. Meaning if you bought the game, you don’t need to pay for any monthly subscription.

We covered a lot of the obvious aspects of Guildwars 2 and to be honest it really meets the level of anticipation its carrying. So, before the commercial release takes place, we can see a massive following for this online game.

Alex A Reillo

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