May 16, 2021


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How Europe sees cryptocurrencies in the next ten years

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How Europe sees cryptocurrencies in the next ten years

According to a bitFlyer survey that gathered the ideas and feelings of 10,000 participants from ten different countries in Europe, a high percentage of Europeans say that cryptocurrencies are not just “phases.”


Ten countries were involved in the survey, including France, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Holland, Italy and Norway.


Europe is a bull environment for cryptocurrencies


According to the survey, more than 60 percent of Europeans believe that cryptocurrencies will still exist by 2029.


Norway has the highest level of confidence in cryptocurrencies. 73 percent of people believe that digital currencies will remain here for ten years.


Participants in France, on the other hand, have the least confidence, only 55 percent of them think that the cryptocurrencies will last ten years.


Overall, the results of bitFlyer’s voting are in line with the emerging sentiment of cryptocurrencies moving from hype to legitimate asset class. Earlier this month, an IMF survey on Twitter showed that more than half of respondents said cryptocurrencies would become mainstream in the next five years.


As one of the bitcoinists states:


“Since 2018, there has been a considerable uptick in institutional involvement in the cryptocurrency market. From endowment funds taking investment positions to multinational conglomerates looking to establish vital crypto-based services.”




The rising outlook for the next bull run will be set against the backdrop of a strengthened asset class as opposed to the speculative game that characterized the bull market in 2017. What do you think? Will cryptocurrencies remain in the next ten years?

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