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How To Get BTC For Free – Top Proven Ways

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There are several ways to get BTC. The most common purchase on crypto exchange, broker, or through mining. Another way is to get it for free. We will look at several proven platforms and ways to get BTC this way, that is free.

How to get BTC for free?

There are several ways to get to cryptocurrencies for free. In most cases, it’s about performing an activity or clicking on ads for less. There are no extra ways to make millions. Rather, it’s a way to make a little profit or get to BTC for the first time instead of buying it on exchange. We will look at three ways to “earn” BTC in this article.

Coinbase Earn and Coinmarketcap Earn

Many crypto exchanges offer the opportunity to earn a few coins to complete tasks. The whole principle works by performing various tasks, most often a quiz about cryptocurrencies and a fee of, for example, 5 euros in the cryptocurrency Cardano. Some exchanges even offer various bonuses that can be withdrawn immediately or you can reduce the exchange trading fee in the form of a reward. At present, this method is offered by almost every known exchange. At Coinbas,e this is a combination of just-performing tasks with the possibility of a reward, such as a reward for the first deposit over $ 100. The remuneration for the performance of the tasks is currently around EUR 15 and for the first deposit EUR 9.

Coinbase earn

Coinbase earn, source:

Binance Exchange offers a free bonus of up to EUR 10 after account verification.

In addition to the registration fee for most crypto exchanges, we also find various other rewards worth 10 EUR. For example, for the first trade worth over € 100. Or another reward provided we open at least one trade every day for at least 7 days on a regular basis. Many of these bonuses and tasks are often repeated. They are available on at least 10 top exchanges in the world. It’s an interesting way to get some cryptocurrencies in the beginning if we can’t afford to buy so many. Some exchanges like Bybit have even better bonuses, even for very simple tasks based on active trading with a reward of up to 100 EUR.


  • Expected profits: Up to EUR 500 if performing tasks on all available top exchanges and services such as Coinmarketcap, Coinbase, Binance and Bybit
  • Repeatability: Some tasks can be repeated
  • Time required: maximum 2-3 hours spent
  • The most common activities: Creating an account on the exchange, the first step on the exchange, completing simple tasks

Faucets – a slow but sure way to earn money

The faucets themselves are only suitable if we want to fill our time on a long journey by train or car. Profits usually range up to a maximum of EUR 2 per day, even if I collect rewards actively and on multiple platforms. They also cannot be expected to make large profits, but rather to be able to make a little money. For example, some offer the opportunity to earn a nice price per click rewards up to 50 cents. Faucets operate on the principle of rewarding clicks on ads, or as free lotteries. The best known are, for example, or

Cointiply faucet and lottery

Cointiply faucet and lottery, source:


  • Expected Gains: A few euros a day
  • Possibility of repetition: Yes, even several times a day
  • Time required: Individual according to the amount of free time
  • Top Activities: Ad Clicks

Cashback – get your money back

Cashback is another way that both makes money and saves money. It’s not exactly a way to make money, but a way to get some money back from shopping for free, Usually up to 10%. The most well-known cashback services in the crypto world are offered by the exchanges Binance and with their cards, which, if you pay for a purchase of EUR 100, for example, EUR 5 will be returned to you in cryptocurrencies.


  • Expected profits: About 5% of the purchase
  • Possibility of repetition: Yes, even several times a day
  • Time required: Minimal
  • Most common activities: Refund for purchases

Crypto exchanges with the lowest fees

All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.
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