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Ice Cube Re-Launches His Basketball League’s NFTs

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Rapper and actor Ice Cube’s BIG3 basketball league is using Ethereum NFTs to decentralize team ownership. The initiative has already attracted major investors such as Snoop Dogg and Gary Vaynerchuk.

However, the minting process announced for May 8 went wrong due to technical issues. As a result, the league chose to pause the release, resolve the issues, and ultimately go public.

Ice Cube relaunches its basketball league’s NFTs

This Friday (3), BIG3 announced that it will continue minting on June 10th. Additionally, the league said it will enhance NFTs by adding more benefits for holders.

“We backed off and said: Well, this gives us time to rethink our Gold level,” said Ice Cube.

The rapper also stated that his project is a long-term move: “that’s what we want buyers to understand.”

Each of the 12 teams in the league has 975 FEAT NFTs priced at $4,500 each. FEAT is an NFT on Ethereum that replaces previous Gold-level team-owned tokens.

Now, these tokens will gain new features that should make their value even higher.


The BIG3 basketball league does things differently than the NBA. In it, there are 3-on-3 matches, four-point shots and teams that are not linked to cities.

Gold Tier NFTs already offer benefits to holders such as VIP tickets to all BIG3 live games. In addition, they offer voting on certain club decisions and access to calls with Ice Cube.

Now FEAT buyers can choose which team they want to buy NFTs from. This is an advance since the first mint did not have this option.

Finally, the league will add the ability for collectors to exchange five of the FEAT tokens for one “BrushFire” token.

This token will function as a Fire tier NFT with an even wider range of benefits.

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