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NFT overview: Building in New York is advertised as NFT for 15000 ETH

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In case you haven’t been able to keep up with the latest news from the world of NFTs, here’s a brief selection of the ones that caught our attention the most.

From launches of new collections, to updates on platforms and other news about the crypto world, the idea is to bring an overview of what moved the market and caught the media’s attention during the week.

In today’s issue, we bring you some news from the world of NFTs, including project releases by artists like Pharrell Williams and Warner Brothers, and an example of how the real estate market can exploit NFTs.

Check out new releases and other news from the world of NFTs!

Pharrell Williams, KAWS and Nina Chanel Abney Launch Dedicated Platform for Artists and Collectors

KAWS artists Nina Chanel Abney and musician Pharrell Williams have teamed up to launch a new project in the world of NFTs. GODA is a dedicated platform for artists who want to explore their creations also in the digital universe, as well as collectors interested in art.

With a team of experts in the art industry and the digital world, such as Shaun Neff, Todd Kramer, Easy Otabor, Nick Adler, Brittni Hudson, J1mmy.eth, Ryan Ross, and according to information from the project’s official website, GODA works closely with traditional artists as they navigate the digital art space, helping them leverage this new medium in a way that feels organic and true to their creative voices.

For collectors, the group will offer access to airdrops from collections of famous artists in the traditional art world, as well as newcomers to the market. For this, future users must purchase the “GODA Mint Pass”, which works as a “ticket” for all future releases.

Looney Tunes arrives in the world of NFTs

Warner Bros, in partnership with the platform Nifty’s, announced the launch of a collection for fans of Looney Tunes. Entitled Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block, the project has 10,000 avatars of the Tweety character at 80 dollars each.

The NFTs have varied attributes, such as feather colors, backgrounds, hats, cups and other props and during the course of the year, other characters from the series will become part of the collection.

NFT collectors will gain exclusive access to a variety of benefits such as virtual encounters, never-before-seen content, offers on Looney Tunes items and experiences, NFT releases, and more.

According to information on the blog posted by Nifty’s, fans have the option to purchase their avatars with a credit or debit card and/or with the Dai cryptocurrency on the Palm network.

The pre-sale of avatars starts on June 20th, followed by the public sale on the following day (06/21).

Building in New York is advertised as NFT for 15000 ETH

The New York-based firm Okada has listed a New York building as NFT on the OpenSea for the price of 15,000 ETH, approximately 27 million dollars.

NFT overview: Building in New York is advertised as NFT for 15000 ETH

The advertised building is located in the Chelsea neighborhood, more precisely at 24th Street, number 109-111. The purchaser of the NFT building will receive exclusive rights to acquire the building, including all of its use rights and accompanying deed agreements.

The sale of the NFT does not guarantee the completion of the real estate transaction or represent the transfer of deed or title. This means that the typical property sale procedure must be followed by the NFT buyer of the building.

Christopher N. Okada, CEO of the company, commented that the strategy is a way to embrace what is happening in the world of commerce and technology.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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