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KFC and TriumphX have signed an agreement to develop NFT content

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KFC and TriumphX have signed an agreement to develop NFT content

TriumphX, a decentralized exchange for trading in NFTs in games, and world fast food giant KFC Korea have entered into a partnership.

The agreement will focus on join blockchain research to integrate NFT technologies and strengthen the fried chicken store brand.

According to local media reports, KFC Korea plans to introduce blockchain and NFT technology into its brand content. The fast food franchise intends to issue to its customers an NFT comprising various digital formats, videos, art, graphics and metaverse collectibles.

Thanks to TriumphX’s know-how in issuing NFTs, it will be possible to create and sell NFTs with a KFC theme to a customer base that is already familiar with the Kentucky Fried Chicken brand.

KFC, TriumphX and NFT

Fried chicken and KFC is popular in South Korea with more than 210 stores nationwide. According to a 2019 SCMP report, there were more fried chicken restaurants in the country than McDonald’s and Subway restaurants worldwide.

TriumphX has recently partnered with a number of local artists and entertainment companies, including the decentralized XPOP entertainment market, photographer Kim Jung Man and cartoonist Rosy Fantasy.

The popularity of the NFT exploded in 2021, resulting in the sale of unmistakable $ 2.5 billion in tokens during the first six months of this year. This is a huge increase over revenue of $ 13.7 million for the same period in 2020.


Despite demand for NFTs and cryptocurrencies in Korea, regulation of the digital assets industry has increased this year as financial watchdogs harshly attack unregulated exchanges and markets. In addition, the Korean government has stated that crypto exchanges will face penalties if they do not voluntarily register with the country’s authorities by September 24.

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