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Survey: Most Americans still don’t understand BTC

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bitcoin survey

A recent Harris Poll survey shows that most Americans still do not understand BTC and other cryptocurrencies. What else is in the survey?

Most Americans still don’t know what is BTC?

The Bloomberg news portal received data from Harris Poll from a survey that interviewed citizens of the United States. The survey was provided to Bloomberg during the week when the value of BTC reached $ 52,000.

Less than 2,000 people from all over the country took part in the survey. Almost half of the respondents stated that they had only heard about BTC, 16% of the respondents stated that they knew cryptocurrencies very well and 28% of the respondents answered that they were easily acquainted with the cryptocurrency world.

The survey also says that 61% of people who have heard of BTC or other cryptocurrencies have an easy understanding of digital currencies. Only 14% of respondents said they understood very well how cryptocurrencies work.

In terms of credibility, 43% of respondents expressed doubts about their legitimacy as a method of payment. By contrast, 34% of people believe that it will become the standard form for global payments, and 23% think that cryptocurrencies will be largely forgotten over the next ten years.

However, compared to surveys from previous years, it appears that interest in cryptocurrencies is growing. Greater interest in cryptocurrencies is usually in younger years. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is rising year to year.


Although many people have heard of BTC or other cryptocurrencies, many still have no idea how it works or what it is for. Thus, the adoption of cryptocurrencies takes place mainly in younger years. You can see the whole survey under the attached link HERE.

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