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Kleiman v Wright status call: mediation exhausted

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Parties in the Kleiman v Wright litigation convened with Judge Beth Bloom for the long-scheduled status call on Tuesday, where a number of administrative issues were addressed.

The parties reported to Judge Beth Bloom that the second attempt at mediation by the parties was, as earlier reported, unsuccessful, and both agreed that they considered that avenue of dispute resolution exhausted.

Judge Bloom also asked both parties to report if either anticipated problems with witnesses appearing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The only real concern at this stage is Dr. Wright and wife Ramona Ang, who will be flying in from the U.K., which is currently operating under a limited travel ban. Amanda McGovern, counsel for Dr. Wright, said that they are hopeful it will not be an issue by then.

The parties also agreed to work together to submit a cleaned-up exhibit list: through the many submissions in the case since it was filed in 2018, there are over 1,000 exhibits between the parties, many of which overlap or are redundant.

Judge Bloom has set three weeks for the trial, currently scheduled for November 1. The revised exhibit list, together with the demonstrative and summary exhibits, are due on August 31. There will be a calendar call on September 4.

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