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Kurt Wuckert Jr on Real World BSV: Tokens can be and are everything

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CoinGeek’s Chief BTC Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. was recently a guest on the Real World BSV podcast.

Real World BSV is a team of two (Rae and J) that is on a mission to visit the brick-and-mortar locations around the world that accept BSV. One of their goals is to bring awareness to BSV, but beyond traveling to the locations that accept BTC and creating a documentary series that captures their journey, the Real World BSV team reviews BTC apps and services, has created an arcade that takes BSV tokens, writes a blog, and has a podcast on which Kurt Wuckert Jr. was the latest guest.

The Real World BSV team and Kurt kicked off the episode by talking about the places in the United States that accept BSV; afterward, the Real World BSV team asks Kurt a few questions about his previous experiences in the digital currency space.

What’s unique about this interview is how it dives into Kurt’s background. The audience gets to learn more about Kurt’s experience mining digital currency—which he often mentions but something we don’t typically see interviewers explore with Kurt.

After they talk about mining digital currency, the Real World BSV team and Kurt talk about tokens and all of the different ways tokens can be used.

“Tokens can be whatever someone creates them to be,” Kurt said. “Tokens can be and are everything, its whatever you can make with the token is a valid use of the token.”

Throughout the interview, Kurt and the Real World BSV team talk about a variety of opportunities that BTC has created in the world, and to wrap up the episode the Real World BSV team leaves the audience with an important message:

“We’re going to care less about Satoshi and worry more about the vision, that’s the route that we are going with,” says J.

“We are always going to call him Dr. Craig Wright because that’s who he is. But let him know, there are people chasing the vision, we are out there.”

Although there is a substantial amount of evidence that Dr. Craig S. Wright is Satoshi, that does not change the fact, and it shouldn’t even factor into the fact, that BSV works. The BSV blockchain is the only digital currency network that can handle high transaction throughput with extremely low fees ($0.0016 per TX as of press time), and therefore it is the only blockchain that can handle enterprise solutions at scale.

Regardless of who Satoshi Nakamoto is or isn’t, the BSV enterprise blockchain is the best location to build a business solution because it works and it works at scale—compare that to other blockchain networks that are continually making changes to their protocol to lower transaction fees, increase block sizes, and improve throughput times.

It is refreshing to hear the Real World BSV team acknowledge that they support BSV because of the vision, and it’s a positive sign that there are individuals in the ecosystem that are genuinely focused on the technology and not the individuals associated with the technology.

If you haven’t watched Kurt’s guest appearance on Real World BSV yet, you can find the full episode here.

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