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Lamborghini to launch NFTs linked to space exploration

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Italian luxury car brand Lamborghini has become the latest company to join the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) movement with the “Lamborghini Space Key” project.

On Tuesday (18), the company announced an NFT collection comprising five unique digital artworks linked to space exploration that will be auctioned.

In 2019, Lamborghini sent a piece of carbon fiber composite for research purposes to the International Space Station (ISS). Now the material has returned from its space journey and will be molded into five physical items marked as space keys.

Each key will have a twin digital artwork in the form of an NFT. Additionally, the tokens will be accessible by scanning a QR code on the back of the physical asset.


Lamborghini Space Key

As reported in a company statement, the initiative is the result of a partnership with NFT PRO. About the launch, Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, highlighted:

“Innovation is a deeply ingrained part of Lamborghini’s DNA. As a leading carbon fiber materials company in the automotive sector, we pushed the envelope two and a half years ago with our joint space research project. The NFT world has been calling us and we are excited to get involved with such a passionate and innovative community.”

According to the company, full details about the Lamborghini Space Key project will be available in the coming weeks. This includes the artist’s identity and information about the auction.

Mercedes will also launch NFTs

Lamborghini isn’t the only automaker with plans to enter the NFT market.

After all, also on Tuesday, Mercedes reported on its Twitter account that it is creating an exclusive NFT collection based on its G-Class vehicle lineup.

To do this, it hired five crypto artists, focused on NFTs, to create various works inspired by the luxury car line.

The artists come from different fields of art, including architecture, fashion, real estate, graphic design and music. So, the The idea is for each artist to interpret the NFTs from a different point of view.

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