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Laptop Graphic Card Ratings – Which is the Best Graphic Card For Laptops?

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If you are confused and wondering which laptop graphic processor you should be buying then we think you should give this article a good read and learn the different graphic processors available today.

Decide what you need

Its important to know beforehand what you will be using the laptop for? Do you need the laptop for average computing needs such as word processing, browsing, watching movies and playing light games as for all such needs, an integrated graphic card would be enough. If you have any special needs such as, if you work on graphics software, play 3D games or have a lot of multimedia usage then getting a laptop with a dedicated graphics card is best for you.

Graphic processor types

In order to cater to a wide range of audiences the laptop manufacturers today use graphics cards of varying specs and some of the most common types are explained below.

Built-in / Integrated – for basic users

Most of the Intel GMA and SiSMX or SiSFx cards are low power cards which are good enough for any average computer user. However some of the resource intensive graphic software may work on these cards but at the cost of occupying your system memory.

Dedicated / ATI / nVidia GForce cards – for pro / advanced users

These graphic processors are designed to handle more resource intensive graphic applications. Many of these cards have their own built-in memory provisions so when you load your 3D games or graphic software your system resources remain undisturbed.

This articles is intended only to give you an overview of the different graphic cards, but if you like to know more then you should read the specific documentation of the card you are interested in. We also hope that you have learned some very basic and important points to consider in your next laptop purchase.

Saher Nasir

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