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Mercedes-Benz is going full throttle into the Web3

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Mercedes-Benz wants to go online3. The automotive group has been flirting with the blockchain space for years, but previous advances have been rather cautious. An NFT collection has now been announced. “Maschine” is scheduled to launch on June 7th. Up for sale are 1,000 digital artworks as Ethereum NFTs, created by Dutch NFT artist Harm van den Dorpel in cooperation with collectors collective Fingerprints DAO. Both are considered established figures in the space. And that’s just the beginning.

The project was launched by Mercedes-Benz NXT, the company’s Web3 studio. On May 23, 2023, it was featured on Twitter. It wants to “commit” to the blockchain space “in the long term”. “Our vision: to create digital objects that stand the test of time.” Two more collections have already been announced: 1,886 collectibles to “Top Clients” and a “Journey Through the Design Heritage” of the company created by the Mercedes-Benz design team. The first collection “Machine” consists of generative art, mainly videos and 3D. These play on the themes of “speed and perception” and mimic a moving wheel.

Mercedes-Benz has been experimenting with blockchain for a long time

Mercedes-Benz took its first steps on the blockchain back in 2019. In 2022, the company’s Formula 1 team released an NFT collection with the later crashed crypto exchange FTX. A few months later, Mercedes-Benz filed five patents covering NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and metaverse. It also partnered with Polygon for a data platform called Acentrik. This uses NFTs to make the buying and selling of data more transparent.

Other car manufacturers have also launched NFT projects in the past, including Chevrolet, McLaren, Bentley and Porsche. So far, these have mostly met with only moderate success.

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