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Metaverse The Sandbox will have ‘Brazilian city’

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The Sandbox platform announced last week a partnership with the Brazilian game studio Hermit Crab. The studio will develop a virtual city inspired by Brazilian culture. The focus of the city will be to present diverse sports experiences.

According to the company’s announcement, in “Sports Land”, players will be able to interact in a multiplayer social space. In addition, they will be able to explore a large city with several sports environments for fun and competition.

“Sports Land”: Brazilian city in the metaverse

The “Brazilian city” will feature several sports in the metaverse The Sandbox.

In practice, players will be able to compete in their favorite sports, complete objectives and challenges across the city, participate in virtual events and collect sports-themed NFTs. This includes football clubs, sports stars and sports leagues.

“Our goal is to provide fun gaming experiences for players in the Sandbox world,” said Matheus Vivian, CEO of Hermit Crab Game Studio.

Hermit Crab Game Studio is a Brazilian game company. It specializes in the development of sports-themed mobile games.

As highlighted by the company, Studio has already launched games in partnership with major European clubs, such as PSG Football Freestyle with Paris Saint-Germain; Arsenal Football Freestyle with Arsenal; ManCity Freestyle Academy with Manchester City, among others.

The release of “Sports Land” is scheduled for 2022. However, there is still no set date. The Brazilian sports city will be available to play on The Sandbox platform.

“I am pleased to collaborate with the Hermit Crab studio to expand our ecosystem presence across the South American and Latin American regions and bring diverse lifestyle and sports-inspired cultural experiences into The Sandbox open metaverse.” highlighted Sébastien Borget; COO and co-founder of The Sandbox.

About Hermit Crab Game Studio

According to the creators of Hermit Crab Game Studio, the company was created to bring to the entertainment world the idea that Digital games can spread positive messages of positioning and values ​​that contribute to human relationships and a better society.

In this sense, the company focuses on sports classes as the main tools to address healthy competition, overcoming, winning and other human values ​​in a global environment.

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