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Nebeus Launches iOS App

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Nebeus is a cryptocurrency and crypto-backed lending platform. Founded in 2014, Nebeus users can insure, borrow, earn, and exchange crypto assets all in one ecosystem. 

The Nebeus ecosystem consists of a suite of crypto and fintech products. The platform was founded to meet the needs of crypto holders who were limited in what they could do with their digital assets. 

Nebeus created a way for people to have more than just a crypto investment. Rather, the ecosystem gives users various options in how to utilize their digital assets. By renting crypto to Nebeus, users can earn fiat currency every 24 hours. 

Users are also able to purchase, sell and exchange various cryptocurrencies. Users are also able to insure their crypto assets. There are two covers available: single and full insurance which cost €4 and €6.90 respectively. 

Nebeus users have access to loans, insurance, financial services as well the possibility to earn crypto, all without selling their assets. 

Born in a time when crypto was nowhere near the mass adoption that it is today, Nebeus was a catalyst of change for how people use their digital assets. Nebeus has once again put its users front of mind with the launch of its iOS application

Nebeus in a nutshell 

Based in London, Nebeus was founded by Sergey Romanovsky. The Nebeus team is fairly small, with 25 members in total. 

Nebeus was originally a P2P lending platform. Over the past seven years, it has expanded to become a centralized crypto-backed lending platform and app, having a diverse ecosystem with pioneering technology and services.

Nebeus has various partnerships with international giants. 

A partnership with Bitgo enables Nebeus to provide insurance for digital assets with a $100 million insurance policy by Lloyd’s of London.

Nebeus is a member of the Spanish Association of Fintech and Insurtech. Additionally, Nebeus has received funding from 248 individual investors through the equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs, and the UK Government-supported Future Fund through the British Business Bank.

Full suite of crypto and fintech products: 

Crypto-backed loans:

  • Quick loans: 0% interest for three months and a free early repayment option.
  • Flexible loans: Fully customizable LTV, from 50% up to 80%. Interest rates change depending on the selected LTV. Terms going up to 36 months, with an early repayment option.
  • Pre-approved: Instant, pre-approved, and directly from Nebeus’ own FIAT treasury.
  • Flexible renting options: Earn up to 12.85% per year. Nebeus will pay in euros as often as every 24 hours.
  • Insurance: Crypto collateral is covered by a $100M insurance policy during a loan term.

Crypto renting:

  • Get paid every 24 hours or receive monthly payouts.
  • Payouts made in euros. A stablecoin payout option is currently being added.
  • With Nebeus’s Baobab program, you will be paid 12.85% APY on USDT and USDC.

Wallet and transfers: 

  • Easy to use and convenient: Manage all your crypto assets and cash from your Nebeus dashboard.
  • Buy with your bank card: Buy crypto and fund your account directly with your bank card.
  • International cash transfer: Transfer cash to any debit card, credit card, or bank account in over 150 countries.
  • Transfer and receive crypto: Transfer and receive crypto: Send and withdraw crypto to and from any other wallet. Send crypto to your friends on Nebeus for free.
  • Exchange: Buy, sell, and exchange BTC, ETH, XLM, XRP, DASH, LTC, BCH, USDT, USDC, EUR, GBP, and USD.

The Nebeus iOS app

After downloading and opening the Nebeus iOS app, users will land on a page asking to log in or create an account. 

The process of setting up an account is super simple. The information required is a full name, email address, password, and country of residence. 

Nebeus Launches iOS App

Once this has been completed, Nebeus sends an email to the address provided to verify the account owner. It’s as easy as clicking the link and waiting for a pop-up confirming the account is live. If the pop-up doesn’t load, refresh the page and that should do the trick. 

Once inside, you will land on a dashboard where you’ll need to verify your identity with three know your customer (KYC) steps. These include: 

  • Phone number
  • ID verification
  • Address verification 

Searching the app is still an option with an unverified account, however, the services available cannot be utilized.

Nebeus Launches iOS App

On the dashboard page is the current price of BTC (BTC) in euros. Below are the services that are available including crypto renting, an exchange, and a vault. 


I perused the vault option, where I was informed that funds deposited in the vault are kept in secure cold storage disconnected from the internet. 

Nebeus Launches iOS App

The green middle button is a shortcut to each service. 

Transfers to the vault are also done instantly whereas deposits can take up to 24 hours for safety reasons. Just these features alone highlight the strong focus on security within the application


The account section of the app is where all available fiat currencies and digital assets reside. Under each fiat currency or digital asset, there is the option to deposit, send, exchange or send to a Nebeus user. 

Nebeus Launches iOS App

The fiat currencies available include:

  • USD
  • GBP
  • Euro 

The cryptocurrency available include: 

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • Dash
  • XRP 
  • XLM
  • LTC

The stable coins available include:

  • USDT
  • USDC 

The altcoins available:

  • BCH


Under the loan section, there are two options: the quick and flexible loan. 

The quick loan allows you to borrow cash for three months at a 0% interest rate. The repayments are made monthly and there is an option to repay the loan early. The maximum amount of cash available for the loan is 500 euros, pound sterling, or U.S. dollars. 

Nebeus Launches iOS App

A flexible loan allows you to select the amount of money you want to borrow, as well as the currency. The maximum loan amount is 250,000 euros, pound sterling, or U.S. dollars. 

Depending on the amount you request, Nebeus automatically calculates this against collateral in either BTC or ETH. 

Users also have the option to select their loan to value (LTV) percentage as well as the loan term. 

Nebeus Launches iOS App

For example, the collateral for a loan of $250,000 equates to 10.089942 BTC if your LTV is 50%. Your monthly repayments over 36 months will amount to $7605.48 and your interest rate will be 6%, making your total loan repayments $251,250. 

The user experience of the Nebeus iOS application 

Overall, the user experience is incredibly intuitive, easy-to-use, and informative. The imagery, look and feel for the app makes for a thoroughly enjoyable experience. 

For crypto newbies looking to utilize their assets in a different way, this app is 100% the place to start. The ease and efficiency of the app make it extremely user-friendly.

Overall the app is very well designed and aesthetically pleasing. The KYC process is imperative to ensure the safety of your assets as well as to prevent criminal activity within the ecosystem. 

The only change that could be made is automatically logging users out when the app is exited, as opposed to manually logging out. This would be very beneficial to the app’s existing security. 

Nebeus brings variety to the crypto world 

The options to insure, borrow, earn, and exchange crypto assets give newbies and enthusiasts options to utilize their assets. 

Rather than it sitting somewhere and slowly earning interest, Nebeus offers users the chance to rent their assets and earn up to 12.85% per year. 

Users can insure crypto assets with bank-grade class III security, which is possible because of a partnership with Bitgo and the insurance cover provided by Lloyds of London.

The application is incredibly user-friendly, intuitive, and informative. There are high-security features involved in setting up an account, including a KYC verification process. 

Keep updated with Nebeus here: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | iOS App | Google Play App |

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