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New Blockchain Game Quantum Noesis Will Be a HQ with NFTs

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The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) team Synesis One has announced the launch of the website and trailer for their upcoming game, Quantum Noesis. The game will be an NFT-based playable graphic novel set in a dystopian setting in the year 2035.

According to the team, a first version of the game with an immersive experience will be released on March 31.

In the game’s history, in 2035, EVI (Electronic Virtual Intelligence) is about to reach sentience as the first true General Artificial Intelligence. But there are powerful forces working to destroy it.

So, to protect the Noesis Network, EVI gamified part of its security, transforming vulnerabilities in the code into audiovisual puzzles that are easier for the human mind to understand and solve.

EVI then recruited elite players to bring their intuition, creativity, and pattern recognition skills to the fray.

In Quantum Noesis, players advance the story by solving puzzles that were created by the legendary master Cliff Johnson. It received awards such as “Best Puzzle Game of All Time” and “Best Retro Game of All Time”.

Quantum Noesis

There are 36 puzzles of increasing difficulty. The game’s visual style was created by award-winning creative designer Eric Jordan and graphic artist Bohdan Kravchenko.

The story was written by screenwriter Shawn Whitney and Cyberpunk novelist DL Young, author of the Cyberpunk City novels.

In this beta version, the players compete for over 1,000,000 Synesis Tokens ($SNS) in rewards.

The first players to solve a given puzzle, complete one of the 12 “chapters” or finish the game will earn tokens.

There are over 8,000 rewards, including a grand prize of 50,000 SNS for the best player.

To access the game and claim rewards, players need a Solana-based wallet. Also, a Kanon NFT or staking a minimum of 100 SNS is required. Some of the Kanon NFTs are available on the marketplace.

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