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Metaverse Metamon announces update and burning of more than 600 avatars

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The metaverse game development team Metamon, announced the burning 635 of your avatars in an effort to balance the game’s reward system.

Thus, according to the developers of the game, created by Radio Caca (RACA), other avatar burning events should take place soon. The goal is to maintain the value, rarity and playability of the game.

In addition, the team also highlighted the release of a trial version of Metamon World. For this, it updated all game servers, causing an interruption in the game for all players. The update that lasted about 8 hours released access to new content.

The developer also released entry for level 60 Metamons in Metamon World. However, level 60 avatars will no longer be able, in the new version, to stay on Metamon Island to earn Egg Shards.

In this way, level 60 Metamons can only travel back to Metamon Island by spaceship and rocket. The feature will be released in the next version.

The team also announces that a package of news on the profitability of the game. General gameplay updates are expected to be announced in the first half of the year. These novelties include the need to use the RACA token for various tasks and rewards in the game.


Metamon Island is a game released in October 2021 that in just one month has accumulated more than 10,000 daily users. The game incorporates NFTs into the gameplay with characters and items available in an open market that supports trading, selling, and collecting.

According to the developer, it was built on Binance Smart Chain and its native token is RACA.

Metamon Island is scheduled to be integrated into the Universal Metaverse (USM), in beta starting in 2022. Thus, the USM, also called the United States of Mars, is a 3D world where players can own land, explore art galleries, play games and much more.

The game will launch on Mainnet in 2022 and will launch first on Windows and will be followed by Mac, web and mobile formats.

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