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OnlyFans platform announces integration with NFTs

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OnlyFans, a platform that connects content creators with paying subscribers, announced an integration with non-fungible tokens (NTF). As per the platform, users can use verified NFTs as profile pictures.

In this way, OnlyFans follows in the footsteps of Twitter, which announced the integration in September. NFTs need to be issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Whoever puts them as a profile picture will receive an ETH token that confirms the authenticity of the NFT.

“Our mission is to empower creators to realize their full potential. This feature is the first step in exploring the role NFTs can play on our platform,” said Amrapali Gan, CEO of OnlyFans.

Adult entertainment and cryptocurrencies

OnlyFans was launched in 2016 as a content platform, but has gained prominence mainly in adult entertainment. It immediately became a bastion for pornographic actresses, who were looking for greater interaction with the public and cutting out intermediaries.

By paying a contribution (monthly or annually), users gain access to exclusive content and interactions with artists. Names such as actresses Mia Khalifa, Mia Malkova and Brazilian Monica Santhiago are some of the main names on the platform.

However, OnlyFans began trying to break away from the erotic platform image. In August, the platform said it would ban “sexually explicit materials”. At the time, OnlyFans said that “problems with banking partners and payment providers” motivated the decision.

That is, these players were starting to hamper payments intended for OnlyFans. Such a stance also hit sites like Pornhub, whose payments system was blocked by Visa in 2020. But after several protests, OnlyFans dropped the idea.

OnlyFans seeks new placement

In the case of PornHub, the site decided to adopt cryptocurrency payments to bypass the blocks. Bitcoin (BTC) and VeChain (VET) were the most used in this regard. But OnlyFans has given no signs that it intends to embark on the same path.

On the contrary, OnlyFans continues to shift its focus to non-adult content. For example, the company has been posting live music sessions, cosplay tutorials and fashion tips from a designer on its Twitter account. Now, everyone will be able to use their own NFTs as a profile picture.

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