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PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR Treadmill Reviews

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This PaceMaster treadmill is the only one that offers negative incline. It means that you can practice hill running at home or you can simply tone up other muscles that ordinary machines don’t get to. But apart from this unique feature, what kind of rating does the PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR treadmill get when given a serious review?

A PaceMaster is one of the few treadmills that is made in the US. For years the company has been synonymous with well built, durable pieces of equipment that cared more about function than they did about ‘user features’. This still holds true today. Many complain that they are too Spartan in design, however, amongst serious runners, this isn’t an issue. What does matter is that a treadmill delivers on its promise of offering a good workout for a serious athlete; PaceMaster has always delivered on this promise.

The company has now produced the first machine with negative incline. But it isn’t just this feature alone that makes the PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR Treadmill a good machine.

You get some pretty decent hardware. First, there’s the 3 hp continuous duty McMillan motor. The motor is controlled by a dual microprocessor digital control system. The power of the motor gives a speed range of 0.5 to 12 mph with a weight capacity of 400 lbs. The treadbelt is a generous 20″ x 60″ that is a stretch resistant 2 ply Texglide and is rated for 10,000 miles. The inclination is between -3% and 12%, adjustable in 0.5% increments.

The Platinum Pro VR offers six courses modeled after different terrain types, such as a mountainous climb, hilly trail, or coastal path. The courses imitate running outdoors by covering a set distance and varying the terrain every 52 feet, thereby shifting the burden across different muscle groups. The -3% inclination really does replicate walking or running up and down hills quite effectively.

Another cool feature is the Constant Effort Compensation Mode, which slows down for uphills and speeds up for downhills. The idea being that you maintain the same exertion throughout your run.

The PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR is a good treadmill. However, when using it the handrails are too far back to allow some to swing their arms comfortably. This all depends on your height and running style, but you should consider this before you buy.

Also, it doesn’t fold. While this isn’t a complaint, it might not be the one for you if your home space is limited.

You can always get an idea as to the quality of a treadmill when you look at the warranty that’s offered. With this PaceMaster machine you get lifetime warranty on the frame, 12 year on the motor with 5 year parts and 1 year labor. This is a good warranty that kind of show that the company is confident about the sturdiness and reliability of its products.

A review of the PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR Treadmill gives it a pretty decent rating of 8 out of 10. Its main selling point is the Constant Effort Compensation Mode, which will test all but the serious athlete.

Robin Cassidy

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